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Pál Makó: A Representative of New Mathematical an Logical Ideas (An Anniversary of the Foundation of the University of Trnava)

(Original title: Pál Makó ako predstaviteľ nových ideí v matematike a v logike (K výročiu Trnavskej univerzity))
Filozofia, 66 (2011), 10, 1003-1012.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Pál Makó was a prominent 18th century Hungarian mathematician and physicist. The paper shows the cultural-historical background of his work as well as the scientific-historical precedents of his life-work. The influence of the milieu of the University of Nagyszombat on his thinking is taken into account as well. Further, the paper sheds light on Makó´s interpretation of Leibniz and Ch. Wolff in his philosophical books and on his adaptation of advanced mathematics as the zenith of his career. Attention is paid also to the methodology of his text-books and scientific and philosophical-historical lessons of his manuscripts.


Pál Makó mathematician and physicist, The University of Nagyszombat, Leibniz and Ch. Wolff, Mathematical analysis, Manuscripts of Makó, Logic and mathematics

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