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Niekoľko metasociologických poznámok

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 2, 186-191.
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Problems of sociology, sociological research and methods attract the attention of scientists working in other disciplines of social sciences, too. There is even a tendency of sociologization of the other social sciences. Empirical sociological research has an object of research of his own which is part of the object of sociology. Empirical sociological research is not a method of specific social sciences though it exerts influence on their methods. The different social sciences have an empirical research of their own in which they apply also a complex approach to the phenomena subjected to their research. However, at variance with the empirical sociological research, they put stress on a deeper comprehension of the pertinent single aspect of phenomena belonging to the competence of the respective specific social science. Underestimation of the importance of the application of the dialectical logico-historical method in sociology flows from non-information. The application of this method is one of the basic methodological requirements in sociology. The dialectical logico-historical method bears great importance in the process of the elaboration of sociological categories.
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