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Príspevok A. Siráckeho k formovaniu marxistickej teórie kultúry

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 6, 640-646.
Typ článku: State - Významné životné jubileum akademika Andreja Siráckeho
Culture, according to Sirácky, has its roots in Nature, it is a component of biosphere; in the course of historical development culture constitutes itself as its opposite, in the end it contradicts Nature, it intervenes in it, it transforms Nature. The whole character of culture is changing and dynamic. It is determined socially and “in the whole development of Man it manifests itself through its continuity and in the sphere of evaluation of human activity it even constitutes its relatively and objectively valid ethical categories“. A. Sirácky thus brings to the foreground human activity which has its roots in human work as against the static attitude in which culture, art, morality, ideology etc. are considered as “fundamental phenomena“.
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