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Veda, morálka a aktuálne problémy spoločenského rozvoja

Filozofia, 42 (1987), 3, 358-368.
Typ článku: State - Problémy marxistickej etiky

The materialization of the strategy of acceleration . of the economic and social development posits the question of moving forces, capable to enforce a constructive solution of tasks which follow from this strategy. It concerns the formation of worldview attitudes, value orientation and moral norms. It means also the rising of the efficiency and importance of the subjective factor by means of which the development of moral consciousness is linked with the struggle against tendencies of the rise and reproduction of anti-social phenomena and with the development of positive qualities of all working people who contribute towards the fulfillment of social aims. Their solution is connected with the application of sciences in the process of acceleration and they can be fulfilled succesfully if they become a part of the current consciousness. Deep revolutionary changes in the social movement require acceleration of the development not only of science alone, but also fundamental changes in the relation of the society to it. The sphere of deciding today needs synthetic conclusions, recommendations and prognoses instead of accumulating of partial knowledge, concentrated in specialized disciplines. In this connection the author calls attention to the danger of pragmatism and voluntarism which may proceed from the underdevelopment of scientific cognition or from an ignorant attitude towards it.

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