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Poznámky k arcieklekticizmu J. S. Milla

Filozofia, 49 (1994), 8, 483-491.
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The paper was inspired by R. P. Anschutz's idea, who in his Oxford publication speaks of Mill as an archecleticist. His attidude reflects the controversy inherent in Mill's philosophy as well as in his life, namely the conflict between empiricism and the idelaistic romantic philosophy. Mill's conception is then seen as an attempt to unite these unreconciable influences by overcoming Bentham's version of utilitarianism. It was not surprising, then, that the modem, late 20-th century discusssion of utilitarianism started with the problem of the classification of Mill's conception. The vivid picture of Mill as a philosopher and as a man was intended as a chllenge to further inquiries.

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