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„Musíš meniť svoj život“ – k novej antropológii Petra Sloterdijka

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 10, 859-868.
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The contribution deals with one of the problematizations of the care of the selfconception on the background of the anthropology and ethics of P. Sloterdijk, who has been exploring the issues since 1977. In 1999 his Elmau lecture Rules for the Human ZOO motivated one of the two most relevant discussions in 20th century philosophical anthropology. He proved to be perhaps the most radical critic of philosophical anthropology (similarly to the discussion with Cassirer as early as in 1929 in which he rejected the anthropologism of philosophical anthropology in favor of fundamental ontology). The lecture was intended as a response to Heideggers ́ Letter on Humanism in which Sloterdijk used Heidegger ́s ontological metaphors to approach the past and future of humanity, including anthropogenesis, current application of anthropotechnics and the threat of transcending present boundaries in new genetic definitions.

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Anthropologism, Anthropotechnics, Care of the self, Genetics, Heidegger, P. Sloterdijk

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