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Bol Antisthenés pýthagorovec?

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 2, 96-106.
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The present paper offers anew interpretation of the relation between cynic philosophy and pythagoreism. It tries to shed light on the Antisthenian concept of philosophy as a peculiar blend of socratic and pythagorean attitudes and concepts. Its first part deals with Diodoros of Aspendus and his characteristics as a cynic. In the second part, some of the fundamental aspects of cynic philosophy going back to mythical Heracles and his pythagorean lore are traced. The investigations end with the conclusion that there is no contradiction between the cynic philosophy and pythagorean way of life.

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Antisthenes, Cynism, Diodorus of Aspendus, Heracles, Pythagoreanism, Sophism

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