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K problematike geometrizovania krásy a estetických pojmov

Filozofia, 75 (2020), 2, 121-132.
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The following text presents a philosophical and linguistic attempt to propose a cognitive-semantic tool allowing for a more precise definition and clarification of the meanings and structures of the terms beauty and aesthetic experience. The presented analysis stems from Gärdenfors’s theory of conceptual spaces and the premise that beauty and aesthetic experience create multidimensional conceptual spaces. The conceptual analysis of the basic terms, related concepts and connected dimensions will be used in their exploration, both in the everyday language, as well as in the specialized-scientific understanding (philosophy, aesthetics). The text also presents the results of the empirical research carried out by George Hosoya on mapping the terms of aesthetic emotions, which are put in context with the Gärdenfors’s model. It attempts to analyze our understanding of the basic moments and structures of aesthetic experience, as well as the possibilities in the research in them, by uncovering and describing different dimensions of the experience of beauty.

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Aesthetic experience, Beauty, Conceptual analysis, Semantic space

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