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Relativizmus a svet z pohľadu fenomenológie politického sveta

Filozofia, 68 (2013), Mimoriadne číslo 1: Interiorita, exteriorita, responzivita, 197-205.
Typ článku: III. Podoby sociálneho priestoru

In the article the author clarifies the place of relativism in the context of political world. On one hand, relativism is often seen as a precondition of a free political order. On the other hand, some critics argue that relativism might be destructive to it. The author calls for the middle position. In accordance with Hannah Arendt and Klaus Held he understands the political world as inevitably relativistic, as it can be perceived only through the plurality of diverse perspectives. Relativism therefore is not something that could be overcome; it can only be overlaid by an unauthentic perspective. In conclusion the author asks the question whether tolerance is the key virtue to political normality. In accordance with John Drummond he argues that tolerance can regress into indifference. Therefore he calls for an alternative provided by hospitality.

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Hospitality, Political World, Relativism, Tolerance

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