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Dialektika individuálnosti a spoločenskosti

Filozofia, 22 (1967), 4, 395-407.
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Man is not only that had been created in him by nature, but, above all, that he made out of himself in the course of history. Thus, history is a key to the „secret“ of man. Man is, above all, a historical process of his forming — more precisely, „elaborating“ and constant „completing“ on the basis and by means of practice. Objectifying and re-adopting the objectified powers of essence in the course of practice, man overpasses his animal neutrality and individual limitation and acquires human specificity and universality. Socialness and individuality are two moments of real life of man and society; they exist in a dialectic connection and conditionality. They manifest their values only in their mutual relation. Individuality cannot be identified with an anti-social singularity, and socialness with collectiveness. Individuality is not anti-social and socialness is not anti-individual. Historical development of man and society is characterized both by the process of socialization and that of individualization. The latter is, however, social, and the former individual. Dialectics of socialization and individualization manifests itself in two tendencies in man’s life and his relation to society: in convergent and divergent ones. Dialectics of individuality and socialness has its direct ontological basis in the relation of individual and society. This relation is, however, very complicated and mediated by a whole system of specific macrostructures and microstructures. Absolutization and hypertrophy of class-political mediation is unjustified. Marxist dialectic stand towards history represents an overcoming of both macrosociological and microsociological onesided view and aims at an investigation into dialectical unity as well as differences and the whole mediating mechanism of all factors forming history.
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