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Dialektika a prírodné vedy

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 4, 374-382.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Problémy dialektiky
The social situation, not only ours, the socialist one, but that of the world in general, is full of changes and violent reversals. This is why it is, at the same time, full of search for answers to the question how to orientate oneself in it. To search an answer to the originated situation has since long ago meant the same as an effort to use the known theories, and if these were not or are not sufficient to create new theories. In result of this, our times are characterized by something similar. Only, if the present time is, besides what has been said, characterized also by the fact that there is a theory the correctness of which has often been well-tried in practice, both in the recognition and control of the natural or social regularity, i. e. the theory of dialectical and historical materialism, then it is natural if in the mentioned situational changes and reversals, the bourgeois world — the practical and the theoretical ones attempts firtst of all at proving why the Marxist-Leninist cera tinty in the development of scientific recognition is only apparent. Allegedly, it is such because it falsely explains the problem of reality, of object. And because the problem of object is inseparable from the questions of the method of its existence, it is allegedly wrong because it constructs upon the dialectical method. The author of the present paper aims at pointing out what is correct and what is wrong in such argumentation of the anti-Marxists, and namely to show that in sciences in general and in natural sciences especially it is impossible to think otherwise than dialecticallymaterialistically.
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