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Materialistický svetonázor a materialistická dialektika

Filozofia, 32 (1977), 4, 349-361.
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In the first part of his work the author considers Marxism-Lenism and in this connection he emphasizes materiality and dialectics as the basic characteristics of Marxist philosophy. The Marxist conception of the world forms the world outlook component of Marxism. The ideological aspect stresses the class (party) substance of Marxism-Leninism, its close connection with the revolutionary movement of the working class. Further, the author writes about dialectical materialism, which is to be understood as a dynamic system, ’’open” to new knowledge, and which rose in the social development in connection with the decay of borougeoisie and with the growth of the revolutionary working-class movement. A considerable part of the author’s consideration is dedicated to the problem of the materialistic world outlook and to the question of matter and consciousness. The materialistic world outlook is based upon the ’’foundation” of matter as objective reality, independent upon consciousness. The second part of the paper is concerned with materialistic dialectics, which is implicitly contained also in the materialistic world outlook. The author points out the difference between Hegel’s and Marx’s dialectical methods. In Marx’s dialectical method the primary analysis of ’’material motion” formed the basis, in its contradictions and in connection with the whole social and spiritual sphere. Marx’s dialectics is not only a method, but also a theory. In conclusion the author presents the chief characteristic features of dialectics according to Lenin. In the system of the categories of dialectics, the relation object—subject is analyzed in detail — also with regard to the problems of materialism and idealism.
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