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K problému vzťahu prírodného a sociálneho

Filozofia, 40 (1985), 3, 312-325.
Typ článku: State - Problematika utvárania socialistickej osobnosti a socialistického spôsobu života

When solving the relation of the natural and social we are often confronted with the fact that dialectics is exhausted by stating the bio-social or bio-psycho-social substance of Man, whereby the principle of materialist monism is tacitly abandoned.

The author finds a methodological presupposition for overcoming of the antinomies of the natural and social as well as residues of naturalism and sociologism in such complex perceiving of the category „the natural“ which overcomes the adopted substantialist conception, fixing the natural as the naturalist, biological factors only. She stresses the necessity of respecting of the principle of the unity of genetic continuity and structural discontinuity and the dialectics of the past and present, preconditions and results, which is related with the mentioned principle. Its consequential application makes it possible to understand the natural and social as innerly qualitatively differentiated phenomena and their mutual relation as historically developing and taking on ever new forms of manifestation, not as given for ever, constant.

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