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K otázke chápania subjektu a objektu hodnotových vzťahov

Filozofia, 40 (1985), 3, 336-345.
Typ článku: State - Problematika utvárania socialistickej osobnosti a socialistického spôsobu života

When analyzing the value problem it is necessary to realize thoroughly that any object, existing outside and independently of Man, in natural form, has not the character or quality of value. The object takes on value, it becomes the bearer of value in connection with the purposeful objective-practical transforming activity of the subject in which the subject constitutes value relations of the subject and object. It is necessary to make difference between the value relation as an objective-practical, i. e. value-constituting process where Man enter as the subject of practice and as such he is the maker of values, and between the relation of the subject and object in evaluation, i. e. the evaluating process which is reflective, though specifically different from cognition where Man enters as the subject of reflexion. In view of the specific character of the value relation it is not possible to analyze it from gnozeologic positions and tp solve it by analogy to a simple gnoseologic relation of the subject and object.

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