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Heideggerova „aféra“ ve Francii

Filozofia, 46 (1991), 1, 49-64.
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The Author analyses the particular story and its socio-cultural background of the so called Heidegger’s „affair“, which was provoked in France by the publication of Victor Farias book, Heidegger et le nazisme. He shows that had it be only for this particular book, the campaign against Heidegger never had attained such a paroxysme, we wittnessed in the last two or three years. The Author sees the reason for this reaction in the particular circumstances: the process against the war criminal, Klaus Barbie, the discussions which preceded and which accompanied the bicentary of the French Revolution. All this has provoked an unsually emotive climate in the discussion about Heidegger’s nazi engagement. The Author follows in his paper the great lines of the current discussion.

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