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Etické vzopätie vo Vicovom diele „De nostri temporis...“

Filozofia, 49 (1994), 3, 129-137.
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De nostri temporis studiorum ratione is Vico’s first work written after his abandonment of rationalism. It does not contain yet any idea of „eternal ideal history“ (storm ideále etema) ruled and controlled by God’s wisdom. Of importance is Vico’s intention to solve the crisis of rationalism by means of empiricism. Vico made use of the empirical idea of scientific scepticism, seeing the picture of the world as an outcome of the method applied. As a way out of this situation he saw an effort to complete the baroque and to interconnect the spiritual life of catholic Europe and modem European science. It was in his above mentioned work, that the linguistic-semiotic categories have been intuitively differentiated for the first time. The analysis of the latter is the objective of the paper. Vico’s approach is qualified by the author as moral rise (slancio morale).

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