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Človek v ústredí, alebo v ústraní?

Filozofia, 51 (1996), 2, 106-111.
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The paper deals with anthropocentric, resp, non-anthropocentric character of the environmental ethics. For fear of consequently applied non-anthropocentric approach, which could bring about the loss of humanistic perspective, the author points out, that it was the original, non-anthropocentric ethics of the early periods of humanity, which led to inequality, loss of freedom and humiliation of man. In his view, it was anthropocentric humanism, which, on the contrary, contributed to equality, and freedom of man. Consequently, he is defending an ethics based on anthropocentrism, which he sees deprived of its extreme elements (e. g. superiority of man over nature) and grounded in man’s responsibility for his own life and for the whole planet.

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