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Sextos Empeirikos: Proti logikom alebo pozvanie do antického skepticizmu

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 3, 252-257.
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The paper gives an outline of the history of the ancient scepticism, underlining the position of Sextus Empiricus in the ancient philosophical thought. The author argues that in antiquity there was a continuous sceptical reflection on reality and human being. He presents the ancient scepticism as a continuous struggle towards eudaimonia, the ethical aim rarely present in scepticism’s modern variations. The first Slovak translation of several introductory chapters from Sextus Empiricus’ Against the Logicians, which follows the paper, should serve as a textual evidence of the inferences made in the paper.

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Ancient scepticism, Sextus Empiricus, Criterion, Truth, Phenomenon, Eudaimonia

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