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How “Amor Fati” Became Nietzsche’s Formula for Learning to Love Necessity and Human Thriving

Filozofia, 76 (2021), 6, 465 – 479.
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This article addresses the ongoing debate on the meaning and scope of Nietzsche’s formula for human greatness: amor fati. Identifying and exploring the constituents of amor fati, the article reconstructs the intellectual genesis of the philosophical concept in Nietzsche’s writings and substantiates, through textual, chronological, and conceptual analysis, the pivotal meaning of these constituents (fate, love, and the judging activity of the body). This article provides insight into how amor fati functions as a transformative mindset, denoting a learning process between individuals and the world they inhabit, thereby allowing individuals to foster the highest form of interaction between their inner and outer environment.

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Amor fati, Fate, Judgment, Learning, Love, Science

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