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Freedom and its Realization in the Socialist Rights and Liberties

(Original title: Sloboda a jej realizácia v socialistických právach a slobodách)
Filozofia, 33 (1978), 2, 105-120.
Type of work: Papers - Human Rights and Liberties in the Socialist Society
Publication language: Slovak
The problems of freedom and the questions of its assertion and its broadening attract, even at present times, man’s theoretical and practical interest. They are problems that reflect the position and possibilities in the dialectics of man as a subject and of the world as an object, the live dialectical relation between man’s tenacious activity and the objective natural and social inevitability. Freedom is organically connected with the problems of man, it is a means and a form of human self-realization and man’s development. It serves the preservation, enrichment and improvement of human life. Therefore it is of biophile and humane character. It is revealed as human value and a need evoking a hope for a better future of man. The ideas of freedom are an important positive factor in the humanizing-emancipational activity of man. The man’s free creative activity is the main factor in building the socialist society in the present stage of its development. This is the main cause of why the problems of freedom and its realization also in the form of socialist rights and liberties is one of the main tasks in the sphere of theoretical and practical attention in socialist society. Another important reason is represented by the bourgeois ideological campaign brought about in connection with the conclusions of the Helsinki conference on human rights and liberties. The Marxist-Leninist conception of freedom is the basis of the conceptual solution of the problems of human rights and liberties and a starting-point for a correct orientation in the' complicated ideological struggle evoked by these problems. The problems of the Marxist-Leninist conception of freedom and its ideological connections represent the main object of this paper.
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