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Virtues and the Human Goodness

(Original title: Cnosti a dobro človeka)
Filozofia, 57 (2002), 7, 465-474.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The problem of morals is closely related to the problem of human goodness. In defining the essence of virtue it is essential, according to the ethicians of virtue, to disclose, what is human goodness, i. e. to achieve the ideal of goodness and to define it. Closely related to the question What is goodness? is the question How can we achieve the goodness and what is the role of virtue in achieving this goodness? The ethics of virtue changed the perspective of viewing the morality and its place in human life in that it focused on moral incentives and moral grounds. The morality does not put unjustified claims on humans any more. It takes into account the natural selfinterestedness of humans, taking it as morally justified tendency. The ethics of virtue enables humans to perceive themselves as natural parts of the equilibrium between their own interests and the interests of the others, making the explanation of the relationship between the selfinterest and morality more plausible.

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