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Volume 56 (2001), 3


(Original title: Hľadisko modernizácie a nedávna slovenská filozofická minulosť)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 149-173.

In the exmanination of the intellectual life, including the history of philosophy, at the turn of the centuries in Slovakia it is illuminating to see this period from the perspective of modernization. Not only it discerns still unknown aspects of the historical events of that time, but it also sheds a new light on those, which were due to ideological reasons… Read more

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(Original title: Od rigorizmu povinnosti k morálke cnosti)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 174-186.

Out of divergent answers to the question of the obligatoriness of the moral action three different ethic conceptions (deontologism, consequentialism and the ethics of virtue) developed, which define themselves as incompatible or opposite. Contrary to this attitude the author argues, that the posession of certain virtues is inseparable from moral choice and action… Read more

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(Original title: Metafrfloš a jeho palica (Niekoľko zlostných poznámok o "náhradných" problémoch hĺbkomerača Ladislava Kvasza))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 187-193.
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(Original title: Rozlúčka s oponentom)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 194-199.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: Správa z Olomouca)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 200-202.
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(Original title: K perspektívam etiky konzekvencializmu u nás (V. Gluchman))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 203-206.
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(Original title: Liberalizmus a komunitarizmus v kontexte súčasnej filozofie (J. Velek))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 207-210.
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(Original title: Tolerancia - brána k postmodernému mysleniu? (V. Seiler - B. Seilerová))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 210-212.
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(Original title: Príspevok k fenomenológii E. Steinovej (P. Volek))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 3, 213-216.
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