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Hegel’s Thesis of the Unphilosophical and Unscientific Character of the Theology of That Time and Its Consequences

(Original title: Hegelova téza o nefilozofickosti a nevedeckosti súdobej teológie a jej následky)
Filozofia, 64 (2009), 8, 717-727.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The first half of the 19th century witnessed a wide-range debate concerning the relation between the speculative philosophy of religion and the theology of that time. Referring to a remark of Hegel in his Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, in which he depicted Protestant theology of that time as unphilosophical and unscien- tific, a philosophical-theological controversy started in which several prominent German and Danish intellectuals took part. Among the discussed issues were the relations between philosophy and theology, the legitimacy of metaphysical inter- pretation of Christian dogmas, the limits of rationality, the issue of pantheism or the relatedness of modern philosophy of religion to medieval speculative mysticism.


German idealism, Hegelianism, Philosophy of religion, Speculative mysticism, Limits of rationality

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