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Humans as Products of Artificial Experience?

(Original title: Člověk jako produkt umělé zkušenosti?)
Filozofia, 66 (2011), 5, 469-474.
Type of work: Young Philosophy
Publication language: Czech

The “immersion conception” concerned with the virtual reality was discussed and criticised mainly in the 1990ś. However, there were anticipations of the impendent creation of the tools for reality simulation and of the following preference of such reality at the expense of “basic” reality. An individual was meant to be (mis)shaped by the artificial experience of virtual world. The “immersion conception” has been overcome due to new relationships between humans and computers and by different “augmentation” conceptions corresponding much more to our present (as well as past) condition. Man has never been trapped by an artificial experience coming from living in virtual reality generated by computers. More likely we are trapped by our own constructions of reality. We have always to keep in mind the relativity of the value of the natural experience of basic reality.


Artificial experience, Augmented reality, Immersion, Man-computer symbiosis, Virtual reality

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