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K otázkam funkčnej integrácie komponentov spoločnosti

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 6, 717-727.
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The regularities of social changes cannot be reduced to pure social laws in themselves. They do not work as independent, self-sufficient social laws of various substructures of the society (technological-productive, economic, social-politic and cultural). Even natural laws of geo-biostructure enter — in a way — in the structure of specific social laws. As non-specific laws of the whole geo-bio-social system they are subordinated to a specific social regularity in the organization of social structure. To the discovery of regularities of the studied object we, therefore, penetrate through its structural organization. Only in the structural organization of the laws of the social system we get to know its internal and external determinants. By means of functional integration of components of social structures we obtain the concept of the basic relations of the organization of its laws. We receive the concept of the order in which the components of the whole, capable of evolution, are functionally integrated.
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