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Descartes a argumentácia

Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 427-438.
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In its first part the paper focuses on those charactersitics of Descartes’ philosophy, which make Descartes’ work an apt subject of the study of argumentation. In the next two parts the conceptional and methodological means are defined, by the help of which the author approaches Descartes’ Meditations, folloeing A. Bouvier’s models. Attention is paid to dialogical character of Meditations and to the examnination of the positions, of particular possible enonciators. The stress is put on the conflict between the intention to establish certainities in the temporal process of searching and finding on one hand, and the intention to presnet these certainities as the first principles, from which the whole konwledge could be inferred. Descartes’ prefference is with the first one.

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