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Pojem kultúry ako superštruktúry v diele Igora Hrušovského

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 10, 832-844.
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The objective of the paper is to shed light on Igor Hrušovský’s ambition to develop a scientistic paradigm of philosophical thinking in Slovakia, which would also include philosophy of culture. Special attention is paid to his understanding of culture as a superstructure. He was one of the first to explore the philosophical relevance of the scientist concepts such as system, structure, and superstructure. Hrušovský’s concept of culture not only encouraged those interested in the development of culture; he de facto was also the first to formulate scientistic culturology paradigm in Slovakia. Many Slovak philosophers drew on his conception in further more profound articulations of philosophical concepts and methods (among them mainly Vojtech Filkorn, Milan Zigo, Vladimír Bakoš, Pavol Cmorej, František Mihina, Etela Farkašová, Jozef Viceník as well as the philosophers attached to Bratislava philosophical and methodological school).

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Culture, Philosophy, Structure, Superstructure, System

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