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Politická aktivita — součást socialistického životního způsobu

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 1, 22-33.
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The basic axis of the way of life is formed by material production (man as the creator of values) that itself finds its reflection in the life of people, in the extra-working sphere of life (man as the consumer of values). The proportion and the mutual relation of these two spheres of people’s life are an expression of a certain stage of the development of forces of production and of the character of relations of production in society. The advancement of both of these spheres of human activity forms, in its complex, the basic contour of the contents of the way of life, and is, in the present, preconditioned first of all by the advancement of political activity of people. Political activity as a conscious participation of people in the control and administration of their own affairs is connected integrally both with the “working” and “extra-working” spheres of life.
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