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Problémy a úlohy našej filozofie

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 2, 126-138.
Typ článku: State - 30. výročie oslobodenia Československa
In the first part of his paper the author writes about the development of Marxism-Leninism and Marxist philosophy especially from the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet атту, from the year 1945. He analyzes the social-political situation in general and points out the fact how strong the positions of bourgeoisie were in ideology even after the year 1945 and partially also after February 1948. Marxism-Leninism has but slowly and gradually striven for its positions in the society, in thinking and culture. In the development of philosophical thinking two conceptions met: 1. the conception of a philosophy closely bound with the needs of the development of socialist society, and 2. the conception of a „specific“ philosophy, without any party-spirited and class contents. The author points our how new notions that had no equivalents in the basic categories of Marxism-Leninism were uncritically introduced into Marxist thinking. Although certain positive results in the development of our philosophy have been achieved in the past 30 years, frequent concessions to bourgeois ideology were made and the social sciences inclusive of philosophy — have contributed to the fact that in the late sixties revisionist and opportunist opinions were spread in this country. In the second part the author is concerned with the contemporary condition and tasks of philosophy. His analyses are supported by the party document The Development, the Contemporary Condition and Tasks of Social Sciences in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. In the conclusion of his paper the author points out, the one hadn, “the framework tasks“ that the social sciences are to deal with in the next longer period and, on the other hand, he analyzes in detail the basic theoretical problems that are ahead of our philosophy in future.
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