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Marxovo a Engelsovo poňatie integrity spoločnosti (Venované 30. vý­ ročiu oslobodenia Československa)

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 2, 146-157.
Typ článku: State - 30. výročie oslobodenia Československa
The author analyzes Marx’s and Engels’s conception of integrative and disintegrative processes in society and evaluates critically the bourgeois interpretation of these categories, which disguises the class struggle. Marx and Engels proved that material production is the decisive agent integrating the people. In forces of production their social character comes objectively to the fore, the tasfc of integrated activity of the social whole that multiplies the force of the producers. It is in the relations of production that we see the clue to understanding the relation of man and social classes to the society. Marx’s and Engels’s conception of integrity of communist society rising from the movement of the proletariat results from this materialist conception of history. The inevitability of disintegrated activity of the proletariat resulting from their position in capitalist relations of production culminates in socialist revolution. It is only in communism that real conditions for integration of mankind exist. This is the historical mission of the struggling proletariat which becomes a gigantic power of progressive mankind. The revolutionary Marxist party unifies the proletariat politically and ideologically, because the political integration of the proletariat is an inevitable step towards the political integration of society and mankind. The political integration of the proletariat must be that of action, the fundamental precondition of which is the unity of ideas. This is the reason why Marx and Engels stood up sharply against various manifestations of petty-bourgeoisie, liberalism, opportunism and revisionism in the working class movement.
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