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O slobode uvidieť svet inak

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 10, 869-880.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

Pulp fiction offers two philosophically relevant stories about the radical transformation of a person, which, in accordance with late Kant, could be called „revolutions of the mind“. In both cases we deal with freedom to understand ourselves and our world – in confrontation with irrationality of life lived in fear and violence – differently. From this nihilistic perspective everything works out without words, based on blind loyalty and brutality of violence. While in the first case the calculus of fear is broken by the honor of the warrior which in Nietzschean sense emancipates the person making him/her a winner and a master, in the second case a radical change in understanding one’s self casts doubt on the principle of violence itself and at the same time reveals the fundamental Heideggerian dimension of the power of the others over the sphere of one’s actions which are always his/her own, i.e. its transpersonal anonymity, which is generally accepted as a valid conviction concerning the staus quo of the world.

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Freedom of choice, Moment of clarity, Moral of slaves and masters, Practical deliberation

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